Baptisms / Thanksgiving

Baptism (also known as Christening) is a ceremony where a Christian journey begins. That is why the font, where the water used for the baptism is put, is generally found near the door of a church as this journey begins. Baptism is a commitment to follow the Christian faith. To become a Christian. 

If you would like your child baptised, in the first instance, please contact the church administrator, she can check availability and put you in touch with the vicar who will visit you to discuss the meaning of baptism. If the baptism is a child, you as parents and friends chosen as God Parents, make promises on behalf of the child. A child of about 10 or older and adults, will make their own promises in the service.

God parents (not parents) need to have been baptised themselves, if not they can still fulfil the role but will be called sponsors. 

Baptisms can take part in the main Sunday services, where the congregation welcomes the child into the church community or can be arranged on a Sunday afternoon (or other time ).

For more information on our Baptisms / Thanksgiving please contact Fleur Harris using the link below.

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