All Saints’  Feering

There is evidence of a church in Feering at the time of Edward the Confessor,  but it is the magnificent Tudor brickwork which you see as you approach the porch, that is so impressive.

This early Tudor brickwork was hand made at the nearby Bulmer Brickworks at Sudbury, where a terracotta based on relief of Mary and Jesus in the niche over the door was also made, but not until the 1980’s.

The chancel was rebuilt in the first half of the 14th century and the Tower in the 15th century.

The organ was refurbished and moved in the 2020”s and a serving area and toilet installed to bring the church up to modern expectations.

All Saints' is not open every day. Please contact Church Warden, Adrienne Copsey, if you would like to visit.  01376 570380